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Design / Achitecture Works

The following are highlights of our most recent design / achitecture works.

Condominiums, Commercial and Planned Communities

The following are highlights of our past projects and residential works.

Why us?


We focus on innovative design, enduring quality and financial strength.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Our entrepreneurial attitude challenges the status quo. We encourage creative thinking and innovative ideas to reach proposed goals.


We are accountable for the Company, our customers, directors and each other. We take ownership of our projects and ideas.


Our mission is providing with the development of Residential, Commercial and Office projects that energize communities and celebrate progressive and modern architecture and urban planning. A passion for “what is novel and what is after�?continues to inspire our company’s success, which we delineate by the following tenets:

�?We strive to be foremost in the creation of innovative and superior developments in each of our market segments. Along with a visionary design and amenities, we intend to maximize the benefits of our customers, communities, employees and partners.

�?We strive to build a legacy that promotes positive social, economic and physical impacts for all stakeholders involved.

�?We strive to offer our employees a challenging and dynamic work environment that promotes professional evolution and creativity.

�?We strive to sustain and enhance our existing pre-eminent reputation within the industry.


Our goal is to build and develop environments that, not only foster living space, but also the development of pleasant and secure urban communities with an integration of natural surroundings.
Furthermore, we seek to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients, with whom, as a team, we seek to find improved and innovative building solutions.

About Sadurni

For the last 25 years, Architect Jose I. Sadurní (Chief Design Officer) and Civil Engineer Domingo Sadurní Jr. (COO) have participated in the development of over 3,000 residential units, 400,000 square feet of commercial and office space facilities in Puerto Rico, as part of a family owned, home-building company, known as Sadurní Group-(SG). Sadurní Group-(SG) was established in 1973 under the direction of their father and visionary Architect, Domingo Sadurní Sr. (CEO).

For more than 40 years, Arch. Sadurní Sr. captured the imagination of the modern household and, not only surpassed consumer demands, but also provided with exquisite details, superior price, affordability ratios and timely delivery. Nonetheless, Sadurní Group has designed over 7 master planned communities, several high-rise beach-front condominiums, as well as modern offices and commercial complexes. Superior design and location, integral urbanism concepts, scenic landscaping and quality craftsmanship are some of the many describing characteristics of Arch. Sadurní Sr. and his team.

After its establishment, Sadurní Group expanded to over 10 companies supported by a staff of over 40 full-time professionals and around 200 construction workers. During the peak of the construction industry in the mid-90s, the company had over 1,000 construction employees and 100 support/technical professionals. At the time, annual sales exceeded US$150,000,000, while simultaneously working on multiple residential and commercial projects.

Over the years, Sadurní Group has earned the respect of not only his customers, but also his competitors. It is the only residential designer that has accomplished the branding of a residential master -planned community complex, widely recognized in the market as the Ciudad Jardín Master Planned Communities. Ciudad Jardín Master Planned Communities offers, the consumer the opportunity to establish his/her household in a secured, enclosed, family-like environment, with all the amenities and conveniences of post-modern living. Moreover, it provides with exclusive and tropical designs at very affordable prices. As opinioned by one of our many satisfied buyers: “The home design incorporates an outdoor-indoor living sensation. We live more in harmony with nature, thereby encouraging to spend more time outside�?

Among the projects developed over the last four decades are:
La Villa de Torrimar (420 units)
Ciudad Jardín Toa Alta (800 units)
Ciudad Jardín in Carolina (395 units)
Ciudad Jardín in Canóvanas (537 units)
Ciudad Jardín in Bairoa (371 units)
La Villa Garden Apts. (274 units)
Dorado del Mar Hotel & Country Club (182 units)

Sadurní Group creations have earned an impeccable reputation based on the design of its homes, the quality of its work and the selection of sites for its projects. As a result, homes tend to be in higher demand, when compared to the average residential product in the targeted market segment.

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Domingo Sadurni Marti

Civil Engineer
Chief Operating Officer Sadurni Group Domingo J. is the chief operating officer in Sadurní Group and holds a Bachelor in Science in Civil Engineering, from the University of Villanova, Pennsylvania. He graduated in 1985, as part of the Dean’s list and member of the National Engineering Honor Society Chi-Epsilon. Domingo is a licensed engineer in Puerto Rico (Lic. 9959) and a member of the Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico


Jose I. Sadurni Marti

Principal in Charge Sadurni Group Jose I. is the design principal in Sadurní Group and holds a bachelor degree in architecture from the University of Houston, Texas. He graduated in 1991 as part of the Dean’s list and at the top of his class. Jose I. is a licensed architect in Puerto Rico (Lic. 20293) and a member of the American Institute of Architects (#38270096)


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